Sleep Disorders and Orofacial Pain

di Di Giosia Massimiliano

Sleep and pain share a bidirectional relationship: poor and fragmented sleep can alter pain processing and perception and pain can interferes with sleep quality. Sleep is essential for physical and tissue repair, memory consolidation and brain function. Individuals with sleep fragmentation and deprivation may develop mood alterations and somatic pain related complaints. The interaction between pain and sleep has been confirmed in both experimental and clinical studies. It has also been hypnotized that the relationship could be different in acute pain and chronic pain conditions. In acute pain the interaction follows a more linear model where pain precedes poor sleep and sleep normalize once the acute pain condition resolve but In chronic pain the interaction is more circular and complex. The aim of this lecture is to provide a broad overview of the relationship between orofacial pains and sleep disturbances , the importance of evaluating sleep in patients with orofacial pains and management options.

Obiettivi di apprendimento

Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di appreciate the often reciprocal relationship between sleep and pain
Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di be aware of the possible treatment options for managing sleep disturbances comorbid with chronic orofacial pain
Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di understand the possible mechanisms contributing to the sleep-pain relationship